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At Annie’s, we understand how difficult a decision it is to move into assisted living and the emotional nuances involved. We believe in openly communicating with all parties to overcome these challenges. We are here to address every concern, provide emotional support, and involve the senior in decision-making to help ease the transition into a new home setting. 

It’s essential to acknowledge the emotional aspects of the move with your loved ones while also emphasizing the potential benefits, such as increased safety, access to care, and social opportunities. Our goal is to provide an appealing and inviting environment that meets the needs of each resident.


“We focus on the individual needs of our residents. At our home, senior citizens can expect to receive the very best in senior care.”

“WE LOVE ANNIE’S! I placed my loved one at Annie’s and had not see her smile more! The love and care they provide is the best! Thank you Annie’s!”
~ Willie Regalado Jr.

“Wonderful facility! They truly care for those who love their and their families” – Lindsey Meyer

“Our highly trained staff understands the needs of our residents and work patiently to ensure that we are always putting their needs first.”



What types of activities and events do you offer?

Weekly music, bingo, Connect Four, ice cream socials, patio parties, puzzles, spa days, and more!

Do you offer free transportation, or other transportation alternatives?

We set up transportation to and from appointments. We have facility doctors where we do everything in-house. Most imaging is done in-house. The doctor comes to you! We have adult day programs for an additional fee.

Do you offer on-site health services?

We have facility doctors where we do everything in-house as well as most imaging. The doctor comes to you! All medications are delivered with a dedicated pharmacy.

Do you offer a variety of meal options?

Anna is our licensed dietician who prepares meals for seniors and those with dietary special requests, diabetic, gluten-free, organic, etc.

Which hospital is your emergency hospital?

We allow the families to tell us what their preference is.

We are centrally located near four hospitals, St. Joseph’s North, Advent Health on Fletcher, and St Joseph’s on Main.

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